Saturday Race Entry

Entries must be submitted online through by 7pm on the Wednesday prior to the Saturday morning.

Swimmers can swim in up to three (3) club races each Saturday, consisting of two freestyle races and one form stroke race, or two form stroke races and one freestyle race. Check the Program to see what races are on each week.

Races start at 7.30am, so it is important to be in the marshalling area and ready to swim by that time. Swimmers who do not respond when called by the Marshall may miss their race.

Swimmers who have not submitted their race entries through by 7pm Wednesday and wish to swim can swim in a late entry heat on the Saturday morning. No official time will be recorded and no points accumulated. See the marshal on the day to enter.

Online entries via Another P.B »

If you're not sure about online entries, once you're registered with Another PB, simply:

Note: You do not need to sign up for the subscription service to use AnotherPB for Leichhardt Swimming Club's Saturday race

External Meets 

Info regarding MetSEA-run meets

As Swimming Australia's APT Project has not delivered the Online Meet Entry (OME) system, MetSEA will continue to use AnotherPB for its online entries until the end of the 2015 summer season. For more info, read the full MetSEA memo (PDF).



The NSW Swimming website has a few external meets another posted for the start of 2016 (please see below).

Please note that the meet information and programs are available on the Leichhardt Swim Club and NSW Swimming websites.

Keep checking the NSW Swimming website for new swim meets. Meets are posted on the website weekly.



All club members can compete for the club externally. Please see the External Meets FAQs for more information.

To keep track of external competition swimming, please check the Metro South East Swimming website (for meets open to clubs in our area) and NSW Swimming website (for meets open to all NSW clubs).

The LPAC head coach will provide support at selected meets (Target Meets). No coaching support will be provided at other meets (Non-Target Meets).

This page will be updated with information about upcoming target meets, and occasionally non-target meets will be highlighted. However, members should check the NSW Swimming and MetSEA websites for the latest information.

Unless a closing date is specified below, the closing dates for LSC entries is 4 weeks before the closing date set by the host club.


 Race day preparation



Upcoming Meets 


External meets coming soon